Zhejiang LINIX Motor Co., Ltd.
leader's speech
Leader's speech

Zhejiang LINIX Motor Co., Ltd., since the establishment of the company in 1968, has received the care and help of leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life, as well as valuable support from customers, dealers and suppliers. Through the tireless hard work of LINIX motor people, LINIX motor has grown rapidly.

We promote the corporate spirit of "reflection, cultivation, and improvement", take the corporate philosophy of "openness, tolerance, and innovation" as our mission, and shape and maintain the creativity and combat effectiveness of employees by creating a learning and innovative enterprise. We believe that only by constantly innovating and reforming, and constantly surpassing ourselves, can we make our foundation permanent!

The creation of LINIX motor originates from society, and its development depends on society! We will, as always, insist on serving the country through industry and making the country strong through industry as our mission. Dedicated all my life to create a leading brand in the motor industry with international competitiveness!

Here, we sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life will continue to care about LINIX motor, support LINIX motor, unite everyone, know each other, and jointly create a more brilliant future for LINIX motor!