Zhejiang LINIX Motor Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 1968
Zhejiang LINIX Motor Co., Ltd.

Stock code:000795



More than 1,500 employees



More than 5000 models of series products



The company has more than 438 patents

About LINIX Electromechanical

        Zhejiang LINIX Motor Co., Ltd., founded in 1968, is a subsidiary of Hengdian Group, one of the top 100 private enterprises in China, stock code: 000795. And is located in Hengdian World Studios, China. 


         The company is a national key high-tech enterprise with nearly 1,500 employees. The company's main products are AC, permanent magnet DC, brushless, stepper, servo motors and other micro motors and electric push rod actuators, parallel shafts, worm gears, planetary gear reducers, motor drives and professional controllers such as scooters, and Biological food waste machines, scooters for the elderly, sweepers and other terminal products have formed a series of products with more than 200 specifications and more than 5,000 models. Products are mainly used in high-speed rail, robots, new energy mopeds, nuclear power equipment, new energy vehicles and other fields. The main customers are in more than 40 countries in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions, and the company's customers include more than 10 global industry leaders.


         The company has a motor technology center, a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, and a academician expert workstation. The company is a National Export Exemption Enterprise, a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, and a Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award Enterprise. At present, the company has more than 438 patents, including 85 international patents and 113 national invention patents. It leads and participates in the formulation of 24 national and industry standards. More than 30 national smart manufacturing projects, national green manufacturing projects, national strong foundation projects, and national 863 projects have been implemented; the LINIX trademark has been registered in 28 countries. The company operates in accordance with the international railway certification system, international anti-terrorism system, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety management system standards. The company's products have passed "CCC" or "UL", "CE", "FDA", "KTL" and other certifications in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the place of sale, and are exported to EU products and meet the requirements of ROHS and Reach directives.

         The company has successively won the "National Cultivation of Initiatives and Priority to Enter the Grassroots Party Organization", "National Civilized Unit", "National Model Labor Relations and Harmonious Enterprise", "National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction", "National Youth Civilization Number", and "National Women "Civilized Post", "National Model Workers' Home", "National Contract and Trustworthy Unit", "National Innovative Pilot Enterprise", "National Informatization Demonstration Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award , Zhejiang's first batch of "three" cultivation pilot enterprises and many other honors.

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