rail transit

rail transit

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Rail transit is a way of transporting people by rail and rail vehicles, mainly including urban rail and trunk railway.
Rail transit has the characteristics of large traffic volume, fast speed, safety, punctuality, low carbon and environmental protection. It is one of the main directions for the development of transportation in modern society. With the acceleration of China's urbanization, China's rail transit industry has been in the stage of centralized investment and rapid development. International experience shows that when a country's urbanization rate exceeds 60%, urban rail transit will achieve rapid development to solve the problem of traffic congestion. 2011 is a milestone year in China's urbanization development history. The proportion of urban population in the total population exceeds 50% for the first time. The problem of traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious. Vigorously developing urban rail transit has become a common choice for large and medium-sized cities.


Development process and current situation of motor in rail transit industry of our company

This motor has the characteristics of small volume, large torque, small torque ripple, small static torque and low noise. Customers can select our MJ series turbine box according to their needs.

Use occasion

Main application: Rail Transit door industry

Rail transit PSD motor


Outer door motor of rail transit vehicle


Outline drawing


Wiring diagram


Product catalog and parameters

Motor model Rated voltage
Speed at 2.14n. M
Rated torque
Rated speed
Rated current(A)
60ZWN24-M-I/MJ12G1030 24 >102 0.84 >220 2.5

Product requirements
1. The standard wire is 1000mm long with connectors;
2. Customized special or high voltage stator as required;
3. Customize different length or diameter or double output shaft design as required;
4. The protection grade is IP40, and high-grade requirements are customized as required;
5. Adopt deep groove ball bearing;